Maintenance – lubrication according to plan

Autonomous maintenance and the experts from the maintenance department work together for a succesful running at produktin.

Phase 1 plant labeling, employee training, checklists, maintenance & inspection. -Systematic Identification of available machines / equipment / Peripherals -Standard marking existing modules / components / levels marking the supplies, equipment and handling – set points and system parameters -Create standardized checklists for Check The breakdown of investments by address serves the allocation of spare parts. In short One-Step Lesson the staff are explained in detail on site tasks. On the basis of photographic documentation of the process is shown simply and clearly. Assemblies such as gearboxes, conveyor belts, pumps, valves, switches and cylinder etc. are clearly marked. The spare parts allocation and order as well as the response time for faults to be positively affected. Hydraulic oil tank, lubricant reservoir, and other levels of supplies, are visually monitored by Min / Max display and checked daily.

Clear marked smudges , clear marking of lubricant containers and the products used . So the employees from oil barrel on the oilbottle can easily identify which oil / grease type into which to tank / grease nipples pumped up to the lubricant tank of the machine . Each variety with its own color and number to ensure a clear visualization and easy and useful bow confusion before .

Everyone sees immediately which product is to be used , and even if the „expert“ for maintenance is not there , the right product quickly replenished by the worker . Central lubrication systems must be inspected regularly . Agent level sensors and automatic filling automatically lubricated the lubrication points . Lubrication points are marked with a red arrow and easy to locate . The lubrication schedule and the confirmation sheet of the work carried out are appended to the machine and stored in the computer .

A useful product are permanent lubrication systems in smaller frame sizes , thus difficult to access lubrication points are even supplied with grease . Centralized lubrication systems are another important element for proper lubricant supply of machines and systems . These systems must be regularly checked and inspected . A lubrication system benefits them little if the related lubrication lines as are demolished . Always check that the lubricant comes in sufficient quantity at the desired location ( consumers ) . Lubrication systems must always be kept clean and free of dirt.

Maintenance part

This Rolling reliably fulfill its function, sufficient lubrication is essential. The lubricant prevents wear and protects the surfaces against corrosion. hence the choice of a suitable lubricant and method of lubrication is as important as proper maintenance for each individual storage case.

For the lubrication of rolling bearings is a wide range of greases, oil lubricants and other lubricants to choose from. The choice of a suitable lubricant and a suitable lubrication method depends primarily on the operating conditions such as the required speed or the permissible operating temperature. However, other operating conditions, like Vibrations and loads can affect and influense the selection.

The most favorable operating temperature then sets in when the stock only the quantity of lubricant is supplied which is sufficient for reliable lubrication straight. If the lubricant, however, has to fulfill additional tasks, such as sealing or heat dissipation, even larger amounts of lubricant may be required.

The lubricant in a bearing lose in the course of operation due to the continuous mechanical stress, aging and increasing contamination gradually its lubricity. Therefore, the grease from time to time needs to be supplemented or replaced and filtered the oil with oil lubrication or replaced at certain intervals.

Maintenance and inspection are always needed here. A lubrication system must be regularly checked for its features.

Lubricating, grease and hydraulic oil control is part of the daily work of maintenance.

Without checking the real situation you lost time.