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Maintenance organization – Fault / Fault clearance machines / plants

Organization involves „designing systems to achieve goals and accomplish tasks
Maintenance requires a high degree of discipline and flexibility.
When important machines and equipment fail in production, things can get hectic. Thus, the bands may almost never stand still at our German automakers.
Good organization and standardized processes make it easier for maintenance and production to react to malfunctions and failures and to take appropriate measures.
Due to the consistent maintenance documentation, one is able to find weak points and permanently eliminate them.
Standardized error messages and fault detection ensure „foreseeable“ faults and lead to an analysis to reduce interference.
Errors and malfunctions can have a variety of causes
There are many different possibilities for a well-functioning maintenance management and we would like to introduce a system here.
Introduction of a maintenance management for production plants by means of MDE (Machine Data Acquisition) BDE (Operation Data Acquisition) for the cataloging of faults:
In many factories there are no automatic systems for detecting faults and errors. Often, entries are made by hand into a list of errors, whereby a subjective component is automatically included in the data.
It is therefore urgently necessary that the fault messages issued by the machines / systems,
1. fit the disturbance and describe it so that the operator knows what it is about
2. Describe the exact location and type of the fault
3. Based on standardized texts and continuously documented and archived.
The cataloging of errors and malfunctions changes over time, and the equipment and context of the field of application change as well as the measured data on the basis of which disturbances are cataloged. Therefore, the cataloging must also be constantly updated and adapted to the changed conditions. It can not be understood as a one-time process but must be maintained constantly.
On the basis of the cataloging of faults / faults, a process is set up in the maintenance, which leads in 7 steps to a successive optimization of the machines and plants and a preservation of the values ​​of machines / plants.
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