Nothing is completely predictable and no complex system can be operated without errors, the human factor is the source of interference and the solution is the same. And the species human is a destructive predator which tends to eradicate itself. In any case, this is one of the greatest geniuses of our time – Stephen Hawking. And if you look at the stock prices of Amazon, Apple and Microsoft, I am surprised but that we have little to counter the hunger and terror. Instead, we are building our intelligence to build ever larger bombs with absolute destructiveness. Einstein probably was right with the stupidity of people and the infinity of the universe.

But that just as an entrance into the „smart“ world of today in the stupidity has no place. So it suggests to me the whole world around me, my mobile phone is a smartphone. Unfortunately, the battery life, the network stableness, and the data transfer rate are an average disaster. The backup of our data on the part of IT usually takes a whole weekend, during which time I have little resources of the server available. How many different programs do they use to manage their production, and everything to do with a production plant, smart? For the programs of one of our fully automatic production lines to function problem-free, they have to lay down reasonable data lines. However, in the last few years a rapid development has taken place. While CAT-5 data lines with 100MHz bandwidth were the non plus ultra, it is now CAT-7 lines with 1000MHz and soon there will be CAT-8 with 2000MHz bandwidth. The costs and the associated costs for infrastructure and data processing are not always in proportion to the expectations of savings through „smart production“. And we have to use every technique just because it exists!

Machines and systems are to produce better and faster with „smart products“. At the same time, the maintenance effort is reduced since the machines recognize their wear themselves and trigger a repair automatically. So far the theory and the will of the sales to sell us these „smart“ products. But how far does this happen in reality? Are these products intelligent because they can process a few records and then show a reaction? An RFID chip on a component facilitates automatic documentation of the processes during the various production processes. But I do not think this is intelligent, at most practical.

Intelligence comes through the human being who uses the possibilities offered by modern technology. Machines and plants are just as „smart“ as the people who use them and keep them „alive“. Man is a creative troublemaker and an intelligent partner for „smart machines“. In modern production plants, the knowledge and qualification of the employees determine the well-being and the woe of the machines and plants.

To meet a path of the future in a reasonable way is the solid training of our new generation. „Teaching brings honor“

The future will soon be revealed to us how we will manage the balancing act between fully automatic systems and man. I want and can not imagine a computer-controlled world, in which algorithms about well-being and woe decide. Not everything that a computer-controlled plausibility test withstand must also be good and right for humans. Man will continue to give direction in the future and hopefully choose the right steps.
Industry 4.0 – Does smart have to do with intelligence?