„I am a maintenance worker. I can not fix stupidity, but I can repair the machines that are destroyed by stupidity. „

So or similar crass are the thoughts of maintenance when a machine needs to be repaired due to faulty operation or manipulations. And this is quite a rarity in the daily business of a maintenance.

For maintenance, manipulation of the machines is an unknown quantity with considerable influence on the machine use. You must consider these incidents in your maintenance strategy. A not always easy hide-and-seek game that often causes headaches to maintenance.

The damage caused by machine failures cost companies per year high millionths Because not every misoperation is also reported as such or documented. The machine operator is afraid of negative consequences or he did not perceive his action as wrong. Partially, the machine operators also do not know better and trickle something around. This, of course, makes the error search of course Considerably reduces maintenance losses.

Missing marking and ignorance cause machine failures every day. An overworked machine operator mistakes the oil type and fills the transmission oil into a hydraulic unit. Another presses the fault acknowledgment and lets the machine restart without checking if everything is OK. A clamped part in the tool causes the tool to break immediately after starting. A maintenance engineer forgets his tool in the machine room and starts the machine from the outside. This leads to the blocking of the cutting knives and finally to the failure of the production. This list can be filled with thousands of stories become.

It is necessary to avoid these disturbances and machine failures.For one more attention at work and through qualification on the other by clear identification of resources and conditions. With different colors. Marking from the oil barrel over the oil pot to the aggregate to prevent confusion. Create good light and visual conditions to avoid misjudgment. Add additional conditions to the acknowledgment of a fault so the machine operator is forced to look more closely. Create checklists for the repair of machines according to the principle of pilots start checklist. The control should record parameter changes and restart of the system after acknowledging a fault. Data can help maintenance fast and effectively for remedy.

Loyal, trained staff and permanent qualification of the employees are the best protection against machine failures due to faulty operation or manipulation.

You can use the potential of failures and human error.

Debt assignments and legal consequences for the employees are therefore the wrong strategy.We all make mistakes otherwise there is no human error.Presets are not exempt from this and are not error-free.

Trustworthy interactions and mutual respect are an essential building block to tackle mistakes and misfortunes openly. Communicate them without confronted the employees with blame and reproaches. They create a factual level in which errors are analyzed. Tell them openly about their own mistakes and missing and live them An open communication. Show their employees that it is normal to make a mistake, but they also explain to them how important it is to learn from mistakes and nothing to simply conceal.

On the basis of the findings from the team reviews, further strategies for error avoidance can be derived. The basis of the analyzes of the maintenance is always the maintenance documentation.

„People make mistakes and this is normal, only stupid people always make the same mistakes and this is not acceptable“. P.Mainka