Maintenance and preventive maintenance plans – behind this collective concept is a mystery of maintenance depatments. And everyone in the company defines the concept of preventive maintenance differently and thus has different expectations. Therefore, it must be clearly communicated in the company what must be achieved with the preventive maintenance and with which Means the maintenance department will implement this.
It is not just in the hands of maintenance department allone to establish successful preventive maintenance. The Management must establish a plan with all departments involved. The maintenanceplan contains all planned activities and planned dates. So the preventive maintenance in the different time cycles and scheduled repairs and revisions are scheduled In the planning, the spare parts supply and availability must be included.Redundant supply chains and storage of consumables and spare parts must be coordinated.

In order to implement preventive maintenance in maintenance department, which has little or no experience with VI plans and preventive maintenance and inspection, a holistic concept and a maintenance strategy must be developed interdisciplinarily. This does not work from today to tomorrow. Clear structures have to be created And the maintenance documentation plays an essential role in the implementation of measures. The qualification level of the employees, the capacities of the maintenance as well as the spare part management form further basic pillar of a successful maintenance.

If a machine fails, the maintenance staff often hear this sentence: How could this happen? We have carried out the preventive maintenance. Therefore maintenance department has to develop its own strategy and organization and define its preventive maintenance for the existing machines. The maintenance staff must be behind the concept And the maintenance staff must fill plans with „life“ . This process must constantly be improved and updated. New gained insights immediately flow into the daily work. Standards have to be established and that begins with the order of a machine. With load stitching the supplier Another important point is the capacity of the maintenance by the number and the qualification of the employees.Und it plays a first subordinate role whether they make the maintenance plans themselves in Exel and fill with the ballpoint pen or work by smartphone or handheld devices. There is a range of software for maintenance and maintenance. Evaluations of the data obtained help to eliminate the weaknesses and help to maintain the functionality of production plants.

Preventive Maintenance includes all aspects of lubrication and inspektion maintenance of a machine. Wear is to be avoided or minimized and recognized defects are eliminated or repairs planned. Each manufacturer requires a recommendation for preventive maintenance and inspection in his documentation. For complex production plants The individual manufacturing specifications must be combined into a total maintenance plan. The individual assemblies and components must be serviced and inspected in a coordinated manner. Preventive maintenance is decisively influenced by the maintenance organization and the strategy.

Preventive maintenance costs time and money and must therefore be planned and coordinated precisely. The right spare parts and material, as well as the tool and the employee, are to be kept ready. The production has to accept the necessary maintenance maintenance and schedule it into its machine handling time.

Maintenance strategies:

Reactive maintenance – Repair after failure
Preventive maintenance according to deadline and specifications
State-oriented maintenance – evaluate the risk of default
Knowledge-oriented maintenance – implementation of insights
Preventive maintenance – Permanent data evaluation – 4.0

It is of course important to always pay attention to the manufacturing requirements for maintenance and inspection in order to avoid the warranty claims.

The preventive maintenance must be carried out in a temporary cycle, but there is some flexibility. It is not always possible to carry out the work in the time of production. Priority always has to prevent a plant shutdown by maintenance. Each plant must be used for preventive maintenance During maintenance or repair work on the machines maintenance is carried out by the maintenance department.