„A host of sheep, led by a lion, beats an army of lions led by a sheep.“

There are two ways to be shepherds: one rides behind the flock, drives them, throws rocks, roars and pushes. The good shepherd does it quite differently: he walks forward, sings, is joyful, and the sheep follow him.

A leader must lead his group, communicate and motivate.Teambuilding, awaken the spirit of the troop and reach everyone to realize the goals of the team together !!!

A good manager employs the right people and keeps the „back“ free so that the employees can concentrate on their tasks.

„To lead is above all to awaken life in humans, to bring life out of them.“

Anselm Green
(Benedictine monk and author)

Motivation is the basis of any achievement. And motivation usually comes from „above“, from the coach for his team, from the father for the child to learn the right things, from the teacher to make his students better and not least from the superior His employees to achieve top performance for the company.
Whoever knows exactly where he wants, can put his whole strength and concentration on this goal. Clear open communication, honest and transparent presentation, respect and mutual trust are a cornerstone in teambuilding.
Motivation also includes the topic of leadership and communication.
-features means leading his team and bringing them safely to the target
– The skills of the team and the independence of each individual promote and demand.
– Form the team into one unit and create a vision together.
-request to make more enthusiasm
-communication in the team and formulate „focal points“ which the team solves together
-Offering open communication and open communication with all topics – strengthen strengths and weaken weaknesses, together in the team
– Short ways, quick reactions, direct response

Maximum performance in a team can be achieved by respecting each other and giving them the necessary attention. Everyone’s strengths help the team accomplish their tasks successfully. A verifiable relationship and an open communication between supervisor and employees is the basis, That the employees can formulate critical objections and express their incomprehension about the measures taken without fear of any negative consequences. Constructive criticism can provide motivation.

-It is the process of motivated and creative employees always keep in touch.For the company, motivated employees are like a lottery gain and in figures hardly capture. Loyal and motivated employees do much more and not only promote the team spirit.

And as a football coach, I like to draw a comparison to team sports. As a coach I have many different situations to accomplish to support my team. Alone of the „game day“ carries many challenges and ensures clear results at the end of the day.

-The game will be met and the tasks of the team will be discussed together. The coach must coordinate and focus his team on the game. The tactics are discussed and goals defined. Each individual focuses on his tasks in the team. Because it is not the „best individual“ but the better team.

– In the half-time break, decisions have to be made, players have to point out possibilities in short individual talks, others have to be built up a bit and need emotional support. The short time of a half-time break must be used by the trainer, with little change of tactics can be achieved a lot. Clear responses, open, objective criticism and hints of the game are served in minutes. A motivated team can turn the game upside down in a few minutes.

– After the game is before the game, the experience has to be processed and prepare for new tasks. As a coach it is the players from the experience further improvement potential to point out and the team further develop.

As in the real life, one project goes on to the next. As a superior, one is always a pioneer and exemplary behavior is a duty. Whoever preaches water and constantly drinks wine can not reach a team