The set-up time for machines and systems depends on many different influences. A major factor is the preparation of all tools, fixtures and machines. The documentation by means of the data set-up sheet in order to set or check the necessary parameters must always be up to date. A help in the daily routine is the setup board for the communication and visualization of the setup procedures on the machines and systems. All parameters and settings are documented in setup instructions. The required tools and devices are tested and provided by the departments. The work is clearly defined when retrofitting a plant and is carried out by the machine installer and the specialist departments. The machine installer must be able to recognize and install all necessary tools and devices immediately on the basis of the setup instructions. All relevant data for the setup process are provided in the data setting sheet and are practically self-explanatory for the machine set-up. If data does not match the settings on the system, these have to be corrected by the predecessors and the compartment departments. The tools have to be prepared completely and ready for installation. Ensure that the tools and devices are functional. The checks on tools are processed by means of a checklist and are documented transparently on the setup board. Corrections to tools and / or parameters of the system must be documented precisely and adapted in the setup instructions. The goal should be a stable and standardized set-up process. By means of a setup board, deviations of the standard set-up time, occurring problems and the development of the set-up times are transparently communicated. Possible improvements and problem solutions are also visualized and communicated. The maintenance and inspections of maintenance on machines and systems are documented on the set-up board. Planned repair work is planned for the production times, so as not to adversely affect the production time of the production machines. On the basis of a utilization profile of the machines, maintenance can determine the optimum demand and time of maintenance, inspection and repair. The strategic cooperation of all departments leads to a steady optimization of the setup procedures and set-up times.