A maintenance consultant to reduce disturbances and downtime!

Errors and faults always have different causes and must be thoroughly researched and eliminated. Do not make any changes without documentation and communicate any change clearly and transparently.

10 Rules for the elimination of weaknesses:

1. Systematic, accurate analysis without time pressure and hectic work!
2. 50% of all faults occur after process changes and activities in the relevant equipment.
3. All necessary documentation must be accessible to the worker concerned.
4. Always be open minded and motivated to make something even better.
5. All workers involved must understand the processes and the functionality.
6. Never change several activities / processes at the same time, always analyze and document the result of a change.
7. Check all information to 100%, even unimportant and banal details often lead to success.
8. Exclude things until you are 100% sure that everything works properly.
9. A false declaration exacerbates the situation, only the truth leads to success.
10. It’s like in life. The simplest solution is usually also the best solution !!

The complexity of today’s production plants demands enormous expertise and flexibility from the maintenance engineer!
> It is necessary to eliminate weak points not to operate a malfunction!