Documentation of maintenance
Maintenance management with a maintenance concept can be used to optimize the processes in the maintenance department. A maintenance is a partner and a qualified service provider for all departments. By analyzing data and processes, the procedures in the maintenance are constantly improved. This leads to a better condition of the machines and systems and Increases machine usage time.

If the theory and the good will ….

In reality, it is often so that many companies neglect their maintenance and thus do not meet DIN31051.

DIN 31051 Maintenance – Terms

1. Maintenance – 2.Inspection – 3.Institute – 4. Improvement

Maintenance: Measures to delay the removal of existing wear and tear

Inspection: Measures for assessing and assessing the ISt condition of a viewing unit, including determining the causes of wear and deriving the necessary steps for future use

Repair: Measures for restoring a viewing unit to a working condition

Improvement: Combination of all technical and administrative possibilities as well as management measures to stabilize and increase the functional safety of a viewing unit without changing the required function

In order to proceed in a targeted and structured manner, it is necessary that all maintenance measures are consistently documented.Checklist maintenance schedule routine catalogs support the maintenance of their tasks. On the basis of the data obtained from the maintenance documentation / disturbance detection measures are taken on the basis of fault evaluations To eliminate weak points / disturbances.

The basis for a functioning maintenance is a maintenance documentation. In this case, the actuality of the plans and documents must always be ensured. The plant’s realism must exactly match the system documentation. The necessary materials, spare parts, the allocation of personnel as well as the provision of the necessary work documents and information are defined and described in the work plan. The work plan is designed to ensure that the work carried out is carried out economically and in an optimal work sequence.

The data and facts are used for damage analysis and weaknesses. This information is used to optimize the warehouse and the spare parts strategy. All data is used to determine the annual planning and the maintenance budget with the management .

Each € of which is invested in maintenance services brings a high return.The 3-5 times is saved at negative consequential costs due to production downtime and longer service lives. Despite all automation with robots, sensors and actuators and modern controls, they are always dependent on humans for maintenance purposes. His ability to diagnose, his expertise and knowledge are important in order to react quickly. People are always in the forefront with all technology in terms of maintenance.