Presses and hammers every type and size are in forges and do their job. The machines are partly operated by hand and therefore have special safety devices .Other units are automated and friendly robot performs his service attentive behind guard.Hightec paired with nostalgic machines that make still faithful their work.

Forging presses and hammers are bringing huge machines glowing by means of molds and tooling steel in any shape. The high quality of Wrought iron is estimated unf used in many industries. Whether in mining or modern engines – without forging we can not move the future.

The demands and pressures are particularly high in the forging operation on man and machine. And when an assembly fails, requires a quick reaction to the machine down to as short as possible.The high energy expenditure and planning of production require the maintenance tremendous flexibility. Productive times as the set-up process and the weekends are for maintenance to perform any necessary repairs .And above mentioned form Hightecmaschinen and older semester a community that demands of maintenance many different talents. Unscheduled outages and disturbances are bad for the running time.Reaction time of maintenance, through a permanent presence close to the production and constant accessibility, as effectively as possible .To ensure the need for very good Technikal Personal.The employee of a maintenance that support the production unit of a forge, must be motivated and well prepared for the daily work.A good team and good organization provide the necessary Support.They will keep „his“ machine in good condition and pretend to be the „Best“ every day is important for any maintenance.

The task of maintenance is in production for a running operation of the facilities or make sure to succeed but often not every day.The work of maintenance must therefore matched clear and well prepared sein.Es is imperative to document the work of maintenance. workplans, Checlisten and work instructions enable structured and organized to agieren.Alle work is „finished“ Report to the supervisor and the production line and to create the appropriate documentation / reports.

Unplanned outages of production facilities are often a consequence missed preventive maintenance.Many businesses neglect the necessary maintenance, inspection and wear parts and controls so believe costs lead to sparen.Other „maintenance“ by taking place only on paper for the next audit.

Spare parts management and availability of all replacement parts needed for production operations are another important element. Waiting times due to missing spare parts or long looking at dusty shelves lead to losses of its useful life. Everything must wear parts in exchange kept ready spare parts required must be recorded and kept in clearly marked places.

The cost of a reactive / corrective maintenance, viewed over the medium term, always higher than the cost of preventive maintenance. The fixed assets of operation positively by the right action of the maintenance it needs to be to operate as effectively as possible with the resources available to the machinery and equipment.